The Pantry 


The Pantry was the beginning of the Care Closet. Completed in the fall of 2013 it is a closet located in Paschal High School. It was created after a realization that many students didn’t have the necessary supplies to be successful in school. Several drives were run by the community and student organizations and we were able to fill a whole closet with pens, pencils, folders, binders, and backpacks for students in need.  Although it started with school supplies, we began to seek donations for snacks after seeing that many students came to school hungry. Through a partnership with Tarrant Area Food Bank we were able to bring in a free snack program for students. Snacks stations are open to students in the counselor’s office, each intervention specialist office, each AP suite, and the nurses office.

If you are in need of school supplies or snacks please visit one of our snacks stations and see your counselor or an intervention specialist at Paschal. You can also fill out the form below:

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Every donation helps us clothe, feed, and care for a student or family in need.