We are Paschal.


We are a community team made up of teachers, counselors, administrators, community organizations, and faith based partners that have come together to teach resilience amidst adversity through intervention and support services. 


Some of our Partnerships

What We Do

We intervene in the life of a student and family at need, and offer support through services and resources to watch them grow in resilience, academic success, and future possibilities.

Our Programs

Care Closet 

Built in the summer of 2014 the Care Closet is stocked with clothing, shoes, coats, and toiletries that are easily accesible to help care for and dress our students. 

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The Pantry 

Completed in the fall of 2013 this pantry provides easy access to students needing backpacks, and school supplies as well as snacks. The pantry allows us to feed students and give them the necessary supplies to be successful in school. 

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Adopt a Panther

Adopt a Panther is a volunteer based Christmas initiative started in the fall of 2014. The program provides gifts for families who are in need during the holiday season. This program allows us to identify families at risk to further assist them through the year. 

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Through partnerships with different community organizations and faith-based partners we are able to provide next step services and resources for families in need. Housing, financial, career counseling, food and medical assistance are readily available.

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Every donation helps us clothe, feed and care for a student or family in need.