Paschal Harvest Project is a branch of the Paschal Cares Network.

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A network to better care for Paschal students and families.



Create a caring culture within the Paschal community where we care for one another by getting the help we and others need so that students and families reach their full potential.


To better care for our students, families, and community by eliminating barriers, providing support, and empowering individuals to change the potential of the future generation.  



Eliminate barriers of success and teach resilience amidst adversity to students and families lacking resources and support.

Eradicate suicide and end the stigma of mental health through suicide prevention trainings and mental health awareness. 

Build leadership skills by providing students volunteer opportunities that support and build up our community.


Our Branches


You can be a part of the Paschal Cares network. Learn how you can better care for students and families in our community.


Dates to Remember