Adopt a Panther 

Adopt a Panther is a Christmas gift program, similar to angel tree, for Paschal pyramid families with children that are too old to qualify for other existing programs in our community. We serve Paschal, McLean, and Daggett Middle School families. This program also helps us identify families in need that could be served by some of our other existing programs. With our community volunteers we are able not only to bring gifts to families during the Christmas season, but hope. 

Adopt a Panther 2017 served 92 families with a total of almost 300 children! For more details please read our blog post

We need volunteers! Contact us now and find out how you can be a volunteer and Adopt a Panther. With your help we can bring hope to families this holiday season.

If you are in need of assistance during this holiday season please fill out the form below or see your counselor or intervention specialist at Paschal! 

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Every donation helps us clothe, feed, and care for a student or family in need.